Viewings & Open Houses



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Properties get extensive phone and online coverage as well as the use of social media. This means that prospective purchasers can get in contact with their interest/enquiries.

Open houses can be the best way to generate interest in your home and attract more buyers over your doorstep. Open houses are usually held on weekends to maximise attendance but these can of course be tailored to your own requirements. 

It is worth noting that a successful open house means you only have to get the house ready once!

All viewings and open houses are conducted by myself.




Tips for Successful Viewings/Open House

 Ensure beds are made

 Vacuum and/or polish all floors

 Arrange fresh cut flowers (for open houses)

 Increase lighting with use of ‘daylight’ or ‘full spectrum’ bulbs. Supplement darker rooms with additional lamps and/or accent lighting

 Keep the kitchen clean (no dishes in the sink) stainless steel polished, and excess small appliances stored away. Show as much counter/work surface space as possible

 Eliminate odours. Remove litter boxes and empty rubbish bins prior to viewings. Use air fresheners or neutralisers

 Store children’s and pet’s toys




Remember you only get one chance to create a good first impression.