On the Market



Once the property is listed on the portals and exposed on social media then my work steps up another gear.


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Advice and Feedback

Whilst on the market, I will be in regular contact to keep you updated on activity, interest and feedback as well as providing strategic advice and guidance.

This part of the process (until an offer is accepted) can vary in length depending on the level of interest that is shown by prospective purchasers. 


Offers and Negotiations

I will work with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible price from the best available purchaser in the current market.

Offers will be substantiated with adequate financial and preapproved documentation. It is imperative that any offer you decide to accept, works for you on every level and it is my job to make sure that I achieve this for you. 


Transaction Management

I ensure that we remain connected to the people and information needed to complete the sale so that in turn you are always updated as to the progress.

I keep up with all the critical dates, documents tasks and information and ensure that all parties (seller, buyer, solicitors’, lenders etc) are working towards the agreed completion date.