Bespoke Estate Agents Tooting Balham

We Will be Forever Grateful!

"We really don't know how we would have achieved our move to our dream home without Chuk's guidance. He was instrumental in the sale of our house after we'd had almost 2 months on the market with a previous agent with very little activity. He gave us hope and belief and more importantly he produced the results which enabled us to not only sell our home for a strong figure but more importantly enabled us to purchase what we consider our dream home..... we will be forever grateful!" - Phoebe & Alice

Bespoke Estate Agents Tooting Balham

So Much Simpler

“This was our first time selling and it was so much simpler than we expected and we honestly believe that was down to Chuk. He kept us in the loop throughout the whole process and was on hand to take care of any little hiccups before they escalated into something bigger.” - Harriet M

Bespoke Estate Agents Tooting Balham

Absolutely Delighted

“I’m absolutely delighted with the price achieved and the care and attention shown by Chuk in selling our home, thank you.” - Joel H

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Not ALL Estate Agents Are The Same





Tooting Estate Agent

Hi, my name is Chuk. I'm an estate agent in Tooting – although I prefer to call myself a property advisor. I do everything an estate agent does, and quite a bit more!

Buying and selling a property can be stressful, at the best of times. You need someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic and always accessible.

Most estate agents on the high street are juggling 30 plus properties and simply cannot offer that kind of service. I know, because I used to be one of those estate agents.

Tooting Estate Agent, consists of me, and only me. I have made a conscious decision to limit the number of properties I work with at any one time. This enables me to give you, the time and attention you deserve.

I was born and raised in Tooting and have a pretty strong grasp of the local area, Streatham and Balham. This familiarity with the area (and South London in general) combined with my focus on service, means that I'm a good person to seek out if you're thinking about moving into (or out of) South London.

Whether you're buying, selling or just want some information about the local area – I'm always available to chat. Contact me today at Tooting Estate Agent, and find out how I can help you.







What I Do

I like to provide you with the same concierge style service you would receive if you were buying or selling a high-end luxury home in central London. Selling your home has its own very particular processes and I'll hold your hand through each stage including the preparation, viewings and negotiations, in fact all the way through to completion.

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You may be selling your first home and looking to upsize; in which case I will give you all the assistance you need to ensure you get the best possible price for your home from the best available buyer. It won't stop there as I'm able to assist you with your onward purchase no matter where in the country you're buying (if you're wondering how then just ask me!). Alternatively, you could own a property that is attracting very little interest. If so, I'll pinpoint the precise areas that need improvement and formulate a strategy to get the offers rolling in.

Your needs, wants and goals will become my needs, wants and goals. You will have your own priorities and these will become mine, by default. I will be in your corner from start to finish and will provide a tailored service that ensures you achieve what you need to achieve.




I will be on hand to guide and advise you on the buying and selling aspects that you may not have a clear grasp of.

This could include:



How is the property market currently performing in Tooting and the surrounding areas?


What could I achieve if I were to sell or rent my home now?


Do I need to do any work to my home to get it ready for selling or renting? 



The answers to these (and other) questions will help shape your decision regarding selling or renting your home – and I'll be able to provide those answers.






Are You Moving into South London?

I have lived in Tooting my whole life and my focus is on a small part of London, in SW17 means I have a real understanding of the area. I can help you, if you are interested in: